Copy of Testimonials

Here's what customers are saying:


I’ve been using these folks for years. Great family owned and operated business with quality second to none!! From butchering and field dressing to the packaged meat, they are the best I’ve dealt with!!  

-Billy Vick


I have had processing done from this family since 1998 and have always enjoyed the friendly, professional and high quality work performed by the staff.-Duane Pinfold


They have been our butcher for our cattle ranch for many years and will be the only butcher we use for many reasons. They are extremely knowledgeable and provide wonderful customer service that is hard to come by. They are friendly, approachable, and willing to help their customers. They are always there to answer questions and have always been accommodating. We never have to worry about the quality of our meat because of their ethical and skillful practices. They have excellent cutting and trimming skills and create precise and even cuts. Their new facility is pristine, well organized, and clean. We love supporting this family business and so grateful for their service.

-Samantha Thompson ( Perfect Kaos Ranch)


My name is Travis Scharnberg and we have been using this butcher for about 20 years now! They are a great family owned business that brings honesty, trust and support to our entire community! When it comes to supporting the youth in our community, they always voluteer their time by donating hogs or steers, at no cost, to the youth and high school programs' raffle so they make the most on their fundraising!

Their service in the field is top notch as well! They come to butcher and we don’t need to be home, they open and close gates, butcher whatever you asked and clean the mess before they leave!

So from the Scharnberg family, we would like to thank them for their years of service to us and our community! 

-The Scharnberg Family


This is a great family owned business. Very honest and they do not cut corners with their services. I have done business with them for over a decade and will continue in the future. 

-Shannon Finch


We have used this company for many many years! Honest, reliable and most of all consistent. They take their time to make sure it is done properly, we would not trust anyone else to complete this service for us. Keep up the hard work, we appreciate all of you!!

Thank you for all the years, so awesome to see you guys grow :) 

-Ann Clark


Barstow Country Butchering’s quality and customer service is unmatched. They are always able to schedule us in a timely fashion and their new facility is incredible. We have been using them for years and they always seam to raise the bar. Best in the Biz!

-Brian Gorrindo


Ever since discovering Barstow Country Butchering back in the early 90’s I have used them every year. Their skillful meat cutting has been spot on and new and innovative approaches to their shop have continued throughout the years. The community-oriented approach of the shop creates a welcoming atmosphere and at times they have sponsored and donated their time and product to Lucerne Valley FFA. I'm proud to be part of a community that values quality and tradition, thanks to Barstow Country Butchering.

-Troy Van Bavel